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Kids And Bumkins Bibs!

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We were so excited to receive these wonderful photos of the children at Semillas de Amor in Guatemala with their new Bumkins Junior bibs.

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This week is World Breastfeeding Week!

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World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated in more than 170 countries. You can support breastfeeding and check out information on the World Breastfeeding Week website.

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Nutrition Plate Replaces the Food Guide Pyramid

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I am not sure about you but I always had a problem understanding and explaining the Food Guide Pyramid. I was happy to see the steps included on the side to remind us to exercise but the reasoning for the wide to narrow banding from the bottom to the top of the pyramid was not easy to grasp.03pyramid-plate-articleInline-1

The USDA has ditched the pyramid shape and developed a new plate design called MyPlate. The plate divides the daily composition of our meals into fruits, vegetables, grains, and protein with a small circle beside the plate to represent dairy. It is refreshing to see fruits and vegetables clearly and generously represented. I question the size of the protein portion because dairy and grains are also a source of protein. Hopefully the plate concept will reduce some of the confusion surrounding healthy food choices and enable us to picture portion control and balanced meals.

The website offers lots of information to help you decide how to fill your plate with healthy food choices. 

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Bumkins and the Ultimate Playdate

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Bumkins new owl SuperBibs were a huge hit at the “Chicago’s Ultimate Playdate” in May.

Ultimate Playdate and Bumkins

Ultimate Playdate and Bumkins

Bump Club and Beyond teamed up with for CHICAGO’s ULTIMATE PLAYDATE – a quarterly series of weekend play dates for families at the hottest local play areas.  What made it so ultimate is:

  • The locations remained a mystery until the week of!
  • All families received discounted admission (through to some of the hottest play areas!
  • Free snacks, food, gift bags, giveaways and more – making this not your average play date!

Visit Bump Club and Beyond and for more upcoming opportunities like this one!

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