300 days of sunshine and an active outdoors lifestyle are what brought Alicia Weber and her family to Fort Collins, Colorado. Originally from Texas, Alicia graduated from The University of Houston with a degree in Psychology and minor in Human Development Family Studies. After working in early education classrooms for some time Alicia found her place working one on one with families as a Newborn Specialist. Caring for young infants in their homes gave her the chance to put everything she learned into practice. From bottle feeding to toddler meals, sleep schedules and strategies to setting a daily preschooler routine, sensory play evolving into learning through art and music, baby sign language to speech and language development, there were lots of real life experiences to learn and grow from. As a busy mom of two, Alicia enjoys spending her days with her daughters ages 2 years old and 4 months old. In her free time she likes heading for the mountains for snowboarding, hiking, camping, and cycling.

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