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Bumkins Back to School GIVEAWAY!

Posted in Bumkins, Contests, Product Highlights on August 9th, 2010 by Courtney – 9 Comments

This year, as you send your kids off to school, Bumkins has a new way for them to show up in style; Our new line of Lunch and Snack Boxes that feature our stylish and colorful prints.Pink Paisley Lunch Box

The insulated interior and easy wipe exterior make these bags the ultimate for storing snacks, and lunches.Pink Paisley Snack Box

  • Bumkins easy wipe fabric exterior – Lead Safe, PVC, BPA, Phthalate & Vinyl Free
  • Insulated moveable dividers
  • Interior mesh pocket
  • Adjustable velcro handle
  • Lunch Box: 8″L x 6.5″H x 3.5″D
  • Snack Box: 8″L x 3.5″H x 3.5″D

**How to enter: Tell us what you would pack your little one for lunch in your Bumkins Lunch Box. One lucky winner will be chosen Friday, August 13 to receive a set of Bumkins Lunch and Snack Boxes in our vibrant Pink Paisley print!

Now available at and

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Top Ten Reasons To Eat Fruits And Veggies

Posted in Bumkins, Nutrition Nook on June 1st, 2009 by johanna – Comments Off


10. Add a rainbow of color to your meals.

9. Use fresh, frozen, canned, dried and 100% juice – so convenient.

8. A wonderful source of fiber!

7. Weight control. Fruits and veggies are low in calories.

6. They provide an abundance of vitamins and minerals.

5. A diet high in fruits and veggies may reduce your risk of chronic diseases.

4. Add variety to your diet. Try a new fruit or vegetable every week.

3. Easy and convenient snacks. Bananas come in their own packaging!

2. Great flavors and textures – fun to eat.

1. Nutritious, natural, and so nice for your body!

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Tips for Dining Out

Posted in Bumkins, Green Scene, Nutrition Nook, Resources on April 10th, 2009 by johanna – Comments Off

Eating out in today’s world requires planning and the ability to choose carefully from the menu. A few tips help keep your caloric intake within a healthy range and improve the nutrition content of your meals:

  • Keep your portions small: choose from the child’s menu; split the meal with your dining partner; ask for a take home container and put half the meal into the container before you start eating.
  • Watch the freebies: ask the server not to bring fried tortilla chips, breads and butter, and oils for dipping.
  • Avoid high calorie ingredients: request salad dressing on the side and dip the salad ingredients; skip the cheese, oils, creamy sauces, and fatty meats like pepperoni; watch for words like “fried” and “crispy.”
  • Don’t drink your calories: free soda refills add hundreds of extra calories; coffee creamers and flavorings, smoothies, and sweetened teas are all calorie rich.
  • Plan ahead: check out the menu on line and choose your meal before you leave home; eat at restaurants at which you know the menu and know you can order healthy food happily; stick to your choice when you order and congratulate yourself on your wise choice.
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Posted in Bumkins, Nutrition Nook on February 23rd, 2009 by johanna – Comments Off

Breakfast is the meal that children quite often skip because of early morning time constraints and/or family habits. Often described as the most important meal of the day, breakfast provides a source of glucose that studies have shown aid in student performance. A serving of fruit, a serving of bread and/or cereal, and a serving of milk will prepare your child for the morning by providing energy and at least 25 percent of their daily recommended nutrients. Parents and children alike will benefit from the nutritious start to the day provided by a healthy and easy to prepare breakfast.

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Fun with Fruits and Veggies

Posted in Nutrition Nook on February 9th, 2009 by marlee – Comments Off

Introducing healthy foods into your child’s diet will set them up for success in the long run. Here are some useful tips and tricks to help encourage healthy eating.

  • Prepare meals together- have your child help you prepare food for meal times, let them pick out new veggies they want to try at the grocery store.
  • Have your child help you grow a garden- they will be excited to eat the produce that they’ve been growing.

    Green pepper frogs

    Green pepper frogs

  • Praise you child when they eat their veggies- they need encouragement!
  • Substitute dried fruit for of candy- let them know that fruit can be dessert.
  • Become an artist- carve fruits and veggies into creative characters. Expose the healthy food in a fun way.
  • Be a role model- your child watches what you eat. Show them how much you like healthy food and it will rub off on them.
  • Try, try again- it may take several times until your child will accept a new food, don’t give up!
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