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As most of you know, Bumkins prides itself in having safe products for both you and your child. We make sure that our products are lead safe, PVC, BPA,Art Smock phthalate & vinyl free. The Center for Health, Environment & Justice, an advocate for “responsible corporate behavior” and the use of safer chemical alternatives, released a “Back-to-School Guide to PVC-Free School Supplies.” TheĀ Bumkins Art Smocks made the list!

Our art smocks come in multiple prints, ranging from our Bumkins original designs to our loveable Seuss and Haring patterns. Keep your child and their favorite clothes and accessories mess free…and the paint stains to a minimum!

Bumkins Lunch BoxBumkins Lunch Boxes are also free from such harmful chemicals and are another fantastic back-to-school item. Be sure to check them out and keep your children’s lunches and snacks safe next school year, while also keeping them looking cool with the 8 different designs now available.

What is PVC? It is found in everything…from plastic and clothing to ceiling tiles and pipes! Known to its chemical buddies as polyvinyl chloride, this multifunctional plastic is harmful and detrimental to one’s health. Products with PVC and its additives [used to make it flexible] have been found to be releasing toxins into the air. Luckily, there has been an increase in awareness of its harmful effects and companies have been using a safer alternative for their items.

What is BPA? Known to its chemical friends as bisphenol A, this organic compound is also commonly used in plastic production. Most commonly used as the inside coating for most food and beverage cans, it is also found in everything from baby toys to medical and dental devices to electronics in the household. Its harmful effects include obesity, neurological issues, thyroid complications, cancer…the list goes on. However, there is hope! As you may have noticed, awareness of this horrendous compound’s effects has also increased and BPA-free products are becoming more readily available.

What are phthalates? Working with the above in health crime, phthalates are also used in plastics to make them more durable and increases their longevity of use. They are found in almost everything: as coating on your everyday pills and vitamins, makeup, toys, household items, packaging, detergents, perfumes, electronics…the list goes on! Like BPA, it also has a long list of harmful effects. Also like BPA and PVC, it is being phased out of production in many countries, including the United States.

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Bumkins makes news with CPSIA

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php4a54d8b019836In an article titled, “Companies feel strain of complying with safety law“, Bumkins Finer Baby Products shares their thoughts on the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act!

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Check Your Child’s Booster Seat

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Researchers in Indiana checked 564 children using booster seats and found about two-thirds of them installed improperly or misused. The booster seats may not be providing the expected protection because of user error. Parents are reminded to supervise the buckling up of children and to double check that the shoulder and lap belts remain properly placed during the drive.

The findings appear in the May issue of Accident Analysis and Prevention.

See this article for a list of those booster seats that are recommended.

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How To Minimize Choking Hazards for Children

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Children under the age of four are at risk for choking on food. Here are a few tips on how to reduce the risk of choking.

1. Check fish to make sure there are no bones.

2. Slice hot dogs lengthwise into quarters.

3. Hard raw vegetables and fruits can be shredded.

4. Remove the pits from apples, cherries, peaches, plums and other fruits.

5. Do not serve large chunks of food.

6. Cut cherry tomatoes and grapes into quarters.

7. Spread the peanut butter in thin layers.

8. Chop nuts and seeds fine.

9. Avoid popcorn and hard candies.

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