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Another Plus For Breast Feeding

Posted in Bumkins, Nutrition Nook on August 19th, 2010 by johanna – Comments Off

Researchers at the University of California have been taking a closer look at human milk and are finding that a large part of the breast milk seems to have a role beyond infant nutrition. An indigestible substance in breast milkĀ  promotes a strain of bacteria found in the infant’s gastrointestinal tract. This bacteria may act as a probiotic and provide support for the baby’s immune system. Researchers are looking at the contents of breast milk to discover how to best feed and defend the human body. A great read!

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Breast-Feeding: A Controversial Topic?

Posted in Bumkins, Nutrition Nook on April 27th, 2009 by johanna – 9 Comments

There are definite situations when breast-feeding is not recommended. Breast-feeding is not recommended when the mom uses addictive drugs, when she drinks more than a minimal amount of alcohol, when she is on certain medications, or if she is HIV positive. Otherwise, breast milk is recommended for all infants in the United States under ordinary circumstances for the first twelve months of life.

But lately these accepted standards have been challenged by an article in the April issue of The Atlantic. The article, “The Case Against Breast-Feeding” has stimulated the posting of many opinions and has also asked us to take a look at our own personal attitude toward the topic. Another article, posted at, titled “The Backlash to Breast is Best” is in response to the Atlantic article and challenges us to examine the mixed messages we send to new moms about breast-feeding.

What is your opinion of these articles? What effect do these articles have on new mothers and their decision to breast-feed? Do you feel these articles strike a personal note for you?

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Tips For Breast-Feeding Success

Posted in Bumkins, Nutrition Nook on April 23rd, 2009 by johanna – 2 Comments

Breast milk is recommended for all infants from birth to 12 months. Feeding time should be pleasurable for both infant and mother. Here are some tips to insure success.

  • Start nursing within an hour after delivery if possible.
  • Wait a week or two before introducing a pacifier or bottle to reduce the risk of confusing the baby.
  • Get immediate medical attention if there is any sign of breast infection.
  • Newborns need to nurse often, at least every two hours, and not on any strict schedule so nursing on demand is best until the baby settles into a more predictable routine.
  • The nursing mother needs about 500 extra calories a day so a balanced diet is very important.
  • Consult a nurse, midwife, or lactation consultant for help with proper positioning of the baby, nipple soreness, breast engorgement or any other problem you may encounter.
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