Bumkins Earth Day Contest



Bumkins is celebrating Earth Day with a one day only contest! Everyone that comments on this post will be entered to win $100 of free Bumkins Organic Products. The winner will be picked tomorrow (4-23-09). Register, Comment, Win!

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  1. happishopr says:

    Love Bumkins!!

  2. angelsdofall says:

    We so need some more diapers, thanks for the chance!

  3. blueyedkelli says:

    We love bumkins, my sons bottom is so sensitive but these work great for him. We are so glad to be doing our part to reduce waste from disposable diapers in landfills.

  4. deirdre1122 says:

    We use Bumkins exclusively with our 3rd child, our 21-month old foster son. Other foster parents are surprised that we cloth-diaper our foster kids. Why wouldn’t we want the best for them, just like our birth-daughter had?

  5. snoops says:

    We discovered cloth about 2 months ago and now would never go back to disposables. I love cloth and the Bumkins Seuss covers are so cute!!!

  6. Lllama says:

    My family is a huge fan of Bumkins products and all they have to offer. Baby #2 is due in August and we would love to stock up on some goodies before he arrives. Happy Earth Day!

  7. lauriearias says:

    Didn’t discover the benefits of cloth diapers till baby #4 was 8 months old. She’s now 16 months old and been using cloth ever since. Wish I had used cloth with other 3 children. Baby #5 will definitely use cloth exclusively. Thanks for the contest.

  8. emadonick says:

    We only have one cover and 6 bamboo diapers. Would love to celebrate Earth Day by adding to what we have and committing to using less disposable diapers!

  9. heidiblue6 says:

    We love Bumkins!