Cloth Diaper Stories

I have another request for our wonderful Bumkins blog readers.

We are creating a cloth diaper guide to coincide with the launch of our new cloth diaper line later this year. We receive so many requests for information and guidance about cloth diapers that we have decided to include your stories in our diaper guide.

We would love to hear from you about your cloth diapering experiences. What influenced your decision to use cloth diapers, how did you decide what style of cloth diapers to use, what tips can you share to make the use of cloth easier and convenient, what sizes and types are best for babies’ different shapes and sizes? We would love to hear about your laundry routines, your nighttime and nap time diapering routines, and your tips for coping with stains and clean-ups.

You can post your responses to this blog directly or email me at [email protected] We will select some responses to be included in our diaper guide. Those that are selected will receive a gift certificate for our Bumkins online website.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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