Cooking Classes in Schools

A commentary published in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that schools offer classes in cooking instruction, grocery shopping, food safety, and nutrition information. The hope is that a return to the home economics classes of the past will have a positive effect in reducing obesity and Type II diabetes among school children.

We welcome comments from our Bumkins blog readers.

Do you think these classes are a good way for children to learn about nutrition?

Do you think the classes would be an effective tool in the fight against obesity?

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One Comment

  1. Jennifer says:

    I believe it is a great way to teach children about nutrition. Although I do feel that ultimately most children are going to continue to eat the way they are fed at home.
    I believe it could help reduce the amount of obese children by making them more informed of what they could be eating and on how to prepare meals instead of buying fast food or pre-packaged meals.
    I personally feel that these classes couldn’t hurt the fight in obesity, I just don’t feel that it would make a LARGE impact. But any impact on reducing childhood obesity is a plus!