Cloth Diaper Survey: Diaper Creams

We have been researching diaper creams and we would love to hear from our cloth diapering parents.

  1. Do you use diaper creams with your cloth diapers?
  2. If you do, what ones do you like and not like?
  3. Have you had problems with the creams staining the diapers or coating the diapers?
  4. How do you get rid of the stains or the coating?
  5. Do you use liners with the diaper creams?

We will randomly choose one of our wonderful responders to receive a free pack of diaper liners and a Bumkins all in one cloth diaper.

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  1. Jen says:

    We use California Baby with our cloth diapers quite frequently and have never had a problem with staining or coating. We don’t use any cream with our fleece diapers since the care instructions for those diapers said not to. We’ve never used a liner.

  2. Mary M. says:

    I’ve just started trying out LuSa booty balm, and I recently used Burt’s Bees for a rash that won’t go away – using fleece liners so I won’t stain my diapers. This is all the experience I’ve had so far because I’ve only been cloth diapering for a month!

  3. helenlam says:

    I use the California Baby or Erba organics. I haven’t had a problem with staining or repelling yet and I don’t use a liner.

  4. Trisha says:

    We usually use the California Baby or Burts Bees and we used the Arbonne ABC until we ran out. I have never had a problem with coating the diapers but I have had a white stain left on the inside of a few of my pocket diapers, though I can’t remember what left the stain. I have tried scrubbing with a brush to get the stain out. It worked on some diapers but not so well on the other, perhaps because it was a suedecloth liner and not fleece. I do use liners sometimes.

  5. Alissa says:

    My son frequently got severe, raw, bleeding rashes until my doctor guessed he likely had a milk protein intolerance and I eliminated all dairy from my diet (I’m nursing exclusively). I tried every rash cream made as well as several natural remedies and organic creams and found Calmoseptine to be the only thing that actually worked. It definitely stains, so I either used disposables overnight with Calmoseptine or used fleece or cotton liners to protect my diapers.

  6. moniue says:

    I use a&d wih liner

  7. moniue says:

    If we use creams we use a liners…I use a&d

  8. Cressa says:

    I use Grandma El’s diaper cream. It works wonders. every once in awhile my little guy has a really acidic poo that gives him a really bad rash that almost bleeds. :( I put a coat of Grandma el’s on overnight and by morning it is almost all better. I have also used Magic stick, which doesn’t seem to do much for rashes, but seemed to help prevent the little friction rashes in the creases. I have also used Northern essence’s diaper rash stuff and it works pretty well to and smells nice. I havn’t had any problem with any of them staining the diapers. If they were stained, the sun took it out along with any poo stains. Sometimes I use a liner, but mostly only if I think he’s going to poop his diaper. I havn’t had any issues with my pocket diapers repelling because of the cream.

  9. Kasey says:

    I’ve never taken the risk of using creams with cloth diapers after reading about how it ruins cloth. We either have to use a disposable or gDiaper. We love California Baby and Yes to Baby Carrots products.

  10. Missy says:

    I have used California Baby calendula cream. It is not a diaper cream but helps with minor rashes. If the rash needs more than that I have used flushable liners. I have never experienced stains from creams. The wash routine I use along with Rockin’ Green detergent gets my dipes clean!

  11. Sarah J says:

    I had been using Earth Mama Angel Baby, but the last 2 times I went to my semi-local (50 miles away) cloth diaper store they were out. I read coconut oil worked wonders and had some in the cabinet, so I gave it a try. I haven’t had a problem with staining from either one. I always use a fleece liner when I mix tea tree oil with the coconut oil because I have noticed staining.

  12. Catherine says:

    I use Weleda diaper creme with Calendula most of the time. It doesn’t have a negative effect on my diapers. If my son has some serious diaper rash, however, I use Balmex with a disposable liner so it won’t get on the diapers.