Cloth Diapering Habits

We are finding that cloth diapering parents are taking advantage of the wide range of diapering options available to them. The choices are outstanding and creative parents are using a combination of diapering options including the use of disposables when convenient. We here at Bumkins would love to hear about your stash of diapers, which ones you use when, and what influenced your decisions.

Please send us your comments and cloth diapering experiences. One lucky commenter will be chosen to win a Bumkins All In One and package of disposable liners.

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  1. Amber says:

    Right now I have a stash of 10 BumGenius AIOs for my newborn son (we have more but they are too big for him right now). I love them, but I’d love to try Bumkins as well. The patterns available for Bumkins are so much cuter!

  2. Marianna says:

    I was lucky enough to even find a daycare who was willing to deal with my cloth diapers! I love my Bumkins AIOs the best – they are the easiest (especially for daycare to deal with) although I’ll admit we do disposables when traveling and are away from a washer!

  3. Heidi says:

    This is my 3rd and I know what I like! I tried a little of this and a little of that with my first. So much sampling really was a waste of money. With my 3rd I am using Kushies. The Kushies ultra lights are about the exact same thing as a Bumkin..but about half the price. I have a few of those and a few Ultras. But the bulk of my collection are Kushies Classics. I have about 25. They are so absorbant that you really don’t need to invest in a lot of fancy doublers. Plus, with the addition of the Kushies diaper wrap (I prefer the taffeta ones), they make a totally leak-proof system for overnight…more so that the ultra, or ultra light..or Bumkin. The ultra and ultralight have only 5 layers of flannel plus an outer “water proof” layer. But sewing the flannel to the cover makes the cover less effective. The Classic has 8 layers of flannel, plus a hidden waterproof barrier. I love having softness on the outside for ME to feel in addition to having softness on the inside for her to feel. But if saturated the moisture will jump from the inside softness to the outside softness via the leg opening. So a cover completes the system at night.

    I use the Kushies liners. Yes they are skinny and don’t hold much. But if you have a really absorbant system (like Kushies Classics) you don’t need absorbant liners. I use them to prevent stains and for the simple fact that holding a skinny little liner over the toilet is a lot easier than a big ole diaper when you’re spraying the poop off! I rinse poop off, saturate the whole diaper in the bathroom sink to dilute the urine (preventing amonia buildup..and smell)..wring it out and toss it into my (semi-wet) diaper pail system with a totally waterproof Whamies liner (available on Amazon) I was one time on warm/warm gentle cycle and dry one time on Low setting. They come out perfect…just be sure to fold the velcro down so you don’t wind up with a diaper chain.
    But my system is sooo sooo simple and affordable. You get an entire one year supply for about $250. To use my system (and save money by not over-sampling) buy the following:

    5 packs of Kushies Classics 5-packs (25 diapers)
    2 packs of Kushies liners
    2 Kushies wrap-style covers (I prefer tafetta)

    1 Bum Genius diaper sprayer
    1 Lionheart wipes warmer
    3 packages of Gerber (store-bought) baby wash clothes

    1 13 gallon plastic trash container
    2 13 gallon Whamies diaper pail liners/laundry bags (same thing)
    1 Bumkins or Kushies small on the go bags.

    A container of Dreft…yes that’s right just plain old baby detergent that you can actually buy at a grocery store! You don’t need that fancy stuff that can only be bought online! KISS Keep it Simple Stupid! lol I do laundry when the container is getting full…about every 15 or 16 diapers…which is about 2 or 3 times per week.

    I love Bumkins. They have a better velcro than Kushies (Bumkins has improved theirs…it used to be a lot like Kushies). They also have super cute designs. The drawback is that they charge way too much…isn’t it like $25 for ONE all in one diaper??? You can get a Kushies for $10 !!!!!

  4. kristi says:

    We have some bumkins all in ones, some bumkins covers…the grinch are my favorite. I use a doubler with the bumkins all in one. I also use some fuzzi bunz and some swaddlebees. I prefer snaps on my diapers as my 2 year old daughter can undo the velcro, but the the bumkins velcro is also good as the velcro holds up and my daughter has a harder time getting it open.

  5. Stacey says:

    We’re expecting our first in April, and we’re already working on our stash. So far we have a bunch of prefolds and some covers, a couple of different AIO’s and a pocket diaper. The plan is to see what works best for our baby and then to add to the stash.

    Family members and friends who know about our plan to use cloth think we’re crazy, but i just can’t imagine adding ~5000 diapers to a landfill or having my baby sit in a pile of chemicals for the first 2+ years of her life.

  6. Shells says:

    With my first 2, I did ’sposies because I thought cloth was icky and too hard. With my 3rd, I decided to give cloth a try but I didnt want to commit. So I bought gDiapers and used the flushables sometimes. But then I switched to just using prefolds in them. When we leave the house, we do ’sposies simply because it really is much easier. But anywhere that we go for an extended period that has a washing machine, we try to do cloth.

    My baby is growing so fast that we’re out of covers for his size. (he needs a large g pants and he’s 5 mo old!) So right now we’re not really doing cloth at all.

    I’d love to try other cloth diaper options, but right now it’s not really financially possible. I wish they had a diaper swap where you could try all the diapers before you buy so you know what you like!

  7. Sarah J says:

    My son is almost 18 months and has been in cloth exlcusively since he was about a week old. He had a horrible reaction to disposables. Thankfully, I received some prefolds and covers as a shower gifts. I also purchased 4 one-size fitted diapers. Once we made the switch, we never looked back! Our stash has grown and we have tried just about everything. I can’t wait to try something other than prefolds on an infant!

  8. Terry B. says:

    We use Gerber prefolds inside covers. We would love to use pocket diapers or AIOs, but it just isn’t in the budget for us. We were using some of the Gerber pull-on pants, but they feel and sound like a garbage bag. I found the original style Bumkins covers on your website under clearance, and now we use those over our daughter’s cloth trainers while we are out, at naps and overnight. They are absolutely wonderful. Now that we have our 2nd daughter due in 3 weeks we are ordering a bunch of covers from your website. I really wish the new style covers had the pink fish design though, it is just so cute.

    Everyone in both of our families thinks that I am a crazy hippie nutjob for cloth diapering, because the only thing they can remember is the old school way of diapering. I showed them how easy it is nowadays though, with the wrap style diaper covers and they were amazed. I also used as an example and showed them all the new ways of doing things. I actually convinced my sister-in-law to cloth diaper when she has kids.

    A trifolded prefold inside a wrap cover is all you really need, and it is easy enough for daddy to figure out fortunately. I only had to show my husband how to do it once, and now that our 2nd daughter is about to be born he is an old pro at it. I do all the washing, and I wash them every day because I am OCD about odors. We only have a stash of somewhere between 24-36 prefolds because I wash so much. I have realized if I need a Bumkins cover a little bit quicker than air drying time though, I can just throw them in the dryer on air fluff for a few minutes and they come out completely dry and as good as the day we got them. When you find a system that works, you tend to stick with it.

    We didn’t always cloth diaper in our house, we started to do it originally because we discovered our daughter has an allergy to disposables. I just used disposables at first because I didn’t know the other options that were out there, and it is just the norm around the area where I live. The nearest store that carries cloth diapers to us is a 2 hour drive so I never really researched the topic until our daughter got terrible hives, some of which actually started bleeding. Now that our 2nd daughter is arriving I wouldn’t put her little bum in anything else, and discovering through Twitter was the answer to my prayers. I love the waterproof material on the Bumkins products, and it has been a lifesaver in this house, because there are never any stained clothes from diaper leaks.

  9. Andrea Kruse says:

    I started out with AIOs & pre folds with covers for being the most economical. It took a few weeks with a new baby to get all the bugs worked out. My son was very tall & thin and the AIOs took a long time for him to grow into. I wasn’t deterred, I just started to expand my stash.

    I think tried a fitted to be worn under the cover… loved it! Very easy for my husband to figure out. (He was very intimidated by the prefolds) Then we started using pocket diapers and these have taken a prominent place in my stash. I have even found some that work wonderfully for a heavy wetter overnight.

    We do use disposables from time to time… when the kids are both sick or for long road trips. But, we cloth diaper at night and almost the whole day. With 2 kiddos I have been working to build my stash a bit at a time. I always recommend cloth diapering to friends and urge them to invest in some good pocket diapers or a good prefold set and covers.

    I care about the effect all the disposables can have on the environment, but even more so I am worried about the chemicals being on my child’s bottom for such a long time. I have noticed my kiddos actually stay dryer in cloth, and have less flair ups of diaper rash. We just recently switched to cloth wipes to do even more for our children.

  10. I use prefolds exclusively at home. When we’re away from home and DD is with me, we use pockets or an AIO. I have 8 pockets and 1 AIO. At night, I use bamboo and hemp fitteds and a wool cover (the BEST thing for night time!!). When DD is in a nursery or other childcare, we use disposables.

    I chose cloth because it’s cheaper in the long run. I use disposables because it’s just easier sometimes!

  11. zealandsmom says:

    I love the ease of Bumkins, just like a disposable but better!
    We are currently ridding our entire stash of micro fiber and going with more natural cloths!

  12. Nikki says:

    Our cloth diaper stash now consists of mostly pockets, AIOs and fitteds with covers. The AIOs we use are made from a WAHM Etsy seller, and have a snap in soaker. We love fitteds for around the house (without a cover) because they are so darn cute and pockets are great for adjusting absorbency and the ones with applix/velcro are GREAT for child care & daddy :)

    A lot of what we use has been trial and error. Fitteds were purchased at the recommendation of a friend (also an Etsy seller). Most of our diapers now were all recommended by another cloth diapering Mama or retailer at some point. We have NEVER used disposables. The only time we have was at the hospital when our son was born and when we took him back to be circumcised as that was what they put him in.

    Even when we went on vacation, we took our detergent, enough diapers for 2 days and away we went! But I’m a die-hard cloth diapering Mama – I make it work!