Bumkins Cloth Diaper Sample Pack

Trying to decide on what cloth diapers to buy? Unsure if you want to use cloth diapers? Totally confused by all the information about cloth diapering? Want to try the different cloth diapering systems before making the final purchase?

DiaperSamplerBumkins is now offering a cloth diaper sample pack. The pack contains a sample all-in-one cloth diaper, a Bumkins waterproof diaper cover, a cotton contour diaper, a microfiber insert, and a sample pack of Bumkins diaper liners. The assortment of diapers allows you to try two diapering systems. The one piece system (the all-in-one diaper) is similar in looks and ease of use to the disposable diaper and the two piece system (waterproof cover and contour diaper) offers a more economical diapering solution that will last through multiple children. The microfiber insert can be used with both systems to add increased absorbency for naps and overnight use. The Bumkins diaper liners make for easy diaper clean-ups.

Go to our website to purchase at a special introductory price that includes free shipping!

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